Cogitare Learning, India

Year: 2020-2021

Design Brief: Cogitare Learning, asked us to initially design their website. Very soon the project also became a rebranding project. 

Cogitare learning offers various in-person, virtual and blended coaching services for students from 8 to 12th grade. They have a unique way to help students understand the different science and mathematical concepts. The brief was to redesign the logo for Cogitare Learning.

Design Solution:

The old logo used the butterfly motif to indicate a transformation that a student undergoes once they have availed Cogitare’s services. We decided to keep the motif same, but we simplified it and created it from geometric shapes. We changed the colour pallet and used younger and brighter colours. Orange was used to indicate the movement and transformation and blue was used to help process and reflect this transformation. The choice of fonts used were geometric and round.

Below is the Cogitare band identity, visual language, marketing materials designed for them. 

Also checkout the website we designed for them.