Cradlewise, India

Year: 2017

Design Brief: Cradlewise is a leading startup that makes smart cradles using sensors for infants and babies so that they get good sleep.

The brief was to redesign their brand identity.

Design Solution: 

The new identity we created has a mother and baby elephant inside each other. We choose a mother elephant as a motif for the logo as she is wise, strong, gentle and fiercely protects her baby. These were the qualities the cradle strives to embody. A baby feels safest and has the best sleep in her mothers strong arms. The wise cradle created, is the second best thing next to a mother’s touch and safety. 

The choice of colours have been carried forward from the old identity and still help hold true to the new brand and its values of the feminine touch (purple) as well as (orange) for the mischievous nature of most babies. 

The choice of font used for the identity is a combination of curves and straight edges. The curves symbolise the soft and cozy nature of the cradle and the straight edges symbolise the technology element that drives the cradle.

The visual language continues to add a element of fun and play that the brand establishes.