Maitri Designs, is a small boutique design studio based in Pune, India. We believe in simple and precise communication. Our forte is design that works for our clients and helps them communicate effectively with their target audience.

We are passionate people who firmly believe that design is one of the most important strategy tools for any organization. It should be inclusive, intuitive, accessible and simple. 

At Maitri Designs, we respect time and understand its value. Our USP, is sticking to deadlines we set mutually with our clients. We love challenging projects to work on and firmly believe that we can find a solution for any design problem.

In the last 10+ years we have worked on several interesting and varied projects from Branding and Strategy to website design, visualization of data and designing reports, designing custom wedding invites, designing custom story books.

All our projects have an underlying story to tell. And we try our best to communicate this story for our clients.

Some of clients in the last few years include: Ugam Education Foundation, iEARN – USA, City as Lab Foundation, Reniscience Education, ScoreData – USA, Kot Dunara, Nectar Tiffin, Navstik, Oakwood Vineyards, Daksani – South America, Philip McKenzie – USA, Gilad Goren – USA, Cradlewise, ItsPawssible, GroupIST – USA,  and many more.

Our Design Process

Good design is achieved with clear intent and collaboration between us and our client.

We love listening to your new ideas, getting excited about your new ventures, asking questions, having fun working on your projects and delivering seriously good design that works for you and your clients.

In your success is ours!

Our design process follows four steps: Curiosity, Empathy, Passion and Drive.


Our curiosity enables us to peek into our client’s mind to understand and learn from the client about their new ideas and products and or story. Nevertheless we also do our own research while executing on any of our design projects. 

By asking questions and challenging the status quo, a designer can come up with out-of-the-box solutions.


Listening and understanding our client’s challenge is very important for a designer. Empathy helps us connect with our clients not just cognitively but also emotionally. We put ourselves in our clients shoes and understand what they wish to achieve and how we can help them achieve their communication and interaction goals. 

A good design needs to connect both emotionally and intelligently with its audience.

Passionately having fun!

We strongly believe that Design is a passion profession. We are in it because we love what we do! We try our best to have as much fun as possible while working on all our projects.


We believe that the onus to sticking to deadlines falls equally on us and our client. We spare no effort from our side to stick to the deadlines we agree with our client and give our best to help our clients achieve their goal.


Maitreyi Doshi

Maitreyi Doshi

Founder | Communication

Maitreyi has over 10+ years of experience in visual and communication design. She has worked with Elephant Design, India; Creative Alliance and Globaloria in USA.

She has a Masters from Maryland Institute College of Art, in Community Arts and a Bachelors in Arts from Concord University, USA in Graphic Design and Political Science.

In 1999, Maitreyi was selected to represent India at the Junior Summit at MIT Media Lab Boston.Maitreyi is an avid animal lover, painter and community artist.

Rishikesh Joshi

Rishikesh Joshi

Co-Founder | UX Design

Rishikesh has over 13+ years of experience in UI/UX.

He has worked with Autodesk, Infosys, Reliance Games, Vectorform, and Inoplexus. Loves, ideating, thinking and sketching.

Rishikesh is a visiting faculty at Flame University, MIT and Strate India. He also consults for various Tech companies in India.

He has a maters in design from IDC – IIT Powai and bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from PVG, Pune.

Ashwini Kanase

Ashwini Kanase

Dev Ops

Ashwini, has a bachelor’s degree from Pune University in Information technology 

She is proficient in Python, Shopify, and WordPress. She works on various technologies such as Zoho CRM, Ajax, JavaScript, jquery, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. 

She has worked with NSDM India.

Kiki & Mei Chan

Kiki & Mei Chan

Chief Recovery Officer & Head of Security

Kiki and Mei have a combined 12+ years of experience in pursuance, emotional blackmailing and looking cute.

They are the most dedicated staff members of Maitri Design and will melt you with their cuteness and love.

They have a Masters in Pigeon Patrol from Bark University!