Kot Dunara, India

Year: 2018

Design Brief: Kot Dunara is a boutique home stay in Rajasthan. The brief was to create a brand identity for the home stay.

Design Solution:

We wanted to create a simple and elegant identity which resonated the rich culture and heritage of Kot Dunara. The entrance has a beautiful arch that welcomes all the guests. The motif for the identity is inspired by these magnificent and tall arches. 

The colour pallet is inspired by the sand dunes, and rustic scenery of Jodhpur and Rajasthan. The font used is simple and elegant. Kot Dunara is grounded in simple, authentic and rustic village life in Rajasthan. Therefore we consciously did not want to create an identity that embodies luxury. 

Below is the brand and visual identity created for Kot Dunara.

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